Monday, May 23, 2011

cw: 139.8, ~5 lbs away from gw1!
I guess its something? some progress? I've already gotten sick with a sore throat and a fever and muscle aches, wow, on my 4th day in? Ive walked about a mile today, eaten nothing but an apple and peanut butter, and the scale and the weight WILL NOT CHANGE! Its so aggravating. Off to work out some more, i'm already sick of it.

I have never felt this fat nor weighed this much before in my entire life. I loil absolutely disgusting in EVERYTHING I WEAR. I don't want to leave my house because I feel so gross. I look gross. People will laugh at me and my failures at being thin. And no one will ever admit to your face that you're not as thin as you think you are. But ive realized it. And today marks the ULTIMATE start of this fast. I have to lose as my weight as possible in 24 days when I leave to travel. aahhhhhhhh

No eating no eating no eating.

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